In order to mainstream gender based-violence issues into media and to influence state policies, Acts, laws, bylaws, rules and regulations in favor of women and to support their effective implementation and to make the local government responsible and accountable towards their duty Sancharika Samuha (SAS) has been producing and aired radio programs. SAS believes that advocacy with and through media can bring positive changes in society. The objective of the program is to dig into the issues of gender-based violence, to bring them to the notice of duty bearers, to support survivors of such violence by providing them with an opportunity to share injustice and create awareness among people for a gender-friendly society. Also, to generate awareness about sexual and gender-based violence, and to increase women's informed access to justice.

Radio Magazine 'SAMAKON'_Achham (PROMO)
Radio Magazine 'SAMAKON'_Baitadi (PROMO)
Radio Magazine 'SAMAKON'_Bajhang (PROMO)