Sancharika Samuha Nepal (SASN), a forum of women journalists and communicators, was established in April 1996. The overarching goal of SAS is addressing the issue of ‘Women and Media’. The Fourth World Women’s Conference held in Beijing, China inspired the founding of the forum. It presently has a loose network of 1200 women journalists working in print and electronic media from all over the country. It has its offices in all province of the country. It is further extending its offices at the district level as well. Through its expanded network, SASN is able to conduct and coordinate program for the upliftment of the status of women and girls all over the country by mainstreaming their issues in media. As its slogan ‘Communication for Equality’ implies, mainstreaming gender in the media has always been the overriding concern of SAS. For this purpose, SAS has been conducting various activities on media advocacy on gender and equality particularly related to reducing gender based violence. SAS also conducted a weekly television program and radio program Samakon for raising issues related to women. Similarly, SAS has online portal www.emahilakhabar.com dedicated to raise the issues of women empowerment and Gender Equality. SAS has been carrying out other activities such as public hearings, research, Sancharika feature service, media monitoring and other media campaigns. With these activities and program, SAS has been able to play a catalyst role between the women movement and the media contributing to generate better understanding and bridging the differences that exist.