Network and Alliance Building

SASN believes in collective efforts to combat violence against women, to bring positive changes in the state policies, to support the victims of violence, to increase the representation of female journalists qualitatively and quantitatively and to create a just society founded on sustainable development. For this, combined effort of various like-minded organizations is inevitable. Realizing this, SASN has been developing good relationship with various national, regional and/international organizations, coalitions, alliances and social movements right from its inception. SASN has established itself as an ardent organization of women journalists and communicators which enjoys recognition from the mainstream media, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, donors, national, regional and international organizations of journalists and other networks. SASN, depending on the gravity and the nature of issues, builds alliance with different organizations and change actors and has been able to render itself as a distinct authority in the field of gender and media and women’s rights. Nepali policy makers and international NGOs and often seek consultation, advice and support from SASN on issues concerning media and gender. SASN develops network and alliance with external agencies mainly for two reasons: to bring gender and advocacy and gender-sensitive professionals, organizations, coalitions and networks together for greater impact and to seek donor support in order to invigorate and avoid duplication of work. SASN accepts support only when the donors’ values and principles align with its values and principles. As a result of its ongoing quest for network and alliance building, SAS has been actively participating in the following national forums:

  • Federation of Nepalese Journalists
  • Nepal Press Institute
  • Nepal Press Council
  • Safe Motherhood Network
  • National Network for Beijing Review in Nepal
  • Women’s Security Pressure Group
  • National Network for Safe Migration
  • Shantimalika
  • Woman Act Group
  • NGO Federation
  • Reproductive Health Rights Working Group

SAS has also collaborated with various Government Agencies such as:

  • Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  • Ministry of Finance
  • National Women Commission
  • Social Welfare Council
  • Controller Office of Certification
  • National Human Rights Commission

SAS has developed working relation with the following regional and international organizations:

  • South Asia Media Association
  • South Asia Free Media Association
  • South Asian Women in Media
  • South Asian Editors Forum

SAS has been collaborating with the international NGOs, bilateral and multilateral development
partner for the last couple of years:

  • Alliance for Social Dialogue
  • Academy for Educational Development (AED)
  • Action Aid International Nepal
  • Care Nepal
  • Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
  • Danida HUGOU
  • Enabling State Programme (ESP)/DFID
  • European Union
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)
  • Governance Facility
  • International Alert
  • IPAS
  • National Democratic Institute (NDI)
  • Open Society Foundation (OSF)
  • The Royal Norwegian Embassy
  • UN Women
  • US Embassy
  • Water Aid
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)